The Community Hub Building Project Is Complete !


Serving our Community

St Peter’s Church exists in order to share and care for others, and particularly for the people of Yateley. Please join us as we help others.

From the lobby, visitors ascend the stairs, or use the lift, to the first floor where they will find the Church Office and meeting rooms. Cornerstone will provide their counselling service there, using comfortable consultation rooms. It is anticipated that other support services will also make use of the space. To the rear of the buildings, additional parking spaces will be provided as well as bike racks.

The Benefits

Additionally, the project creates a new Church Office and facilities for Cornerstone Counselling. The building has easy access for those with impaired mobility and there are additional parking spaces to the rear.

These buildings will not only continue to serve as a backdrop to this important location at the heart of Yateley, but they will have renewed purpose directly serving community needs and investing back into community life.

The shops will directly benefit local people. Any profit from them will then enable St Peter’s Church to invest again in the community.

The benefits include:

•  Renewal of the street scene at Church End Green.

•  A vibrant community hub in the centre of Yateley village.

•  Reuse and recycling of goods, caring for the environment.

•  Resource Cornerstone Counselling services.

•  The development of other community support services.

•  Volunteering and training opportunities.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are raising funds by undertaking a sponsored activity, please use the generic sponsorship form which you can download by clicking on either the Word or PDF icon, right. This will ensure that full Gift Aid top-up can be properly recovered.

Charity No: 1132035


‘Discoveries’ Charity Shop is:

  1. Ethical – caring for the environment

  2. Providing clothing and household items

  3. A retail destination

  4. Volunteering & employment opportunities

  5. A meeting place

Cafe 46 is:

  1. Community hub

  2. A meeting place – helping to combat isolation

  3. A destination for leisure & friendship

  4. Volunteering & employment opportunities

  5. A platform for other support services

It was quite a year - enjoy this short video diary of how the project unfolded.

Now that the Community Hub is up and running, we continue to need to raise funds. This is to both service the loans we used to fund the project, and to allow us to expand our ministry of service to the local community.

The panel right (top) gives you access to the latest update on our fundraising activities, and the panel right (bottom) will help you see how you could personally help support what we are planning to do.

We do hope you can help.