Do you have a real understanding of your new identity in Christ, or do you sometimes find yourself simply ‘behaving’ like a believer? Would you like to grasp:

  1.   what happened the moment you became a Christian

  2. who you are in Christ

  3. the truth of God’s unconditional love

  4. why there is no condemnation in Christ?

Starting Monday 8th September for 13 weeks, St Peter’s is running a ‘Freedom in Christ’ course that will examine these, and other, discipleship issues.

For more information, to request a leaflet, or to sign up, contact  the Parish Office at 01252 873647 or email

or call Peter Ridley on 01252 659683 or Ernie Ong on 01252 661372

or click on the panel left, which will take you to the FiC website.

The Freedom in Christ Course -

Equipping disciples to make disciples.

The Parenting Children Course is for anyone involved in raising children aged 0-10 years.

It’s all about sharing experiences and looking at how we can re- evaluate family time, making parenting a more joyous and less stressful experience and putting Christian values at the centre of family life.

The sessions involve DVD talks and time for discussion, and cover topics such as Meeting our Children's Needs; Building Strong Foundations; Teaching Healthy Relationships; Passing on Beliefs and Values.

The course is aimed at those parenting children aged 0-10 years, but everyone is welcome! Come on your own, come with a partner. However, if you are parenting with somebody, be it a partner, step-parent or an involved grandparent, you may find it beneficial to come together. If babysitting is a problem, please ask as we may be able to put you in touch with somebody who can help.

Please see Kate or James Casselton if you would like to know more, or call 01252 912761                                 or e-mail:


Transformed Living is a 7 week teaching series based on chapters 3 – 6 of Ephesians. We will start it on Sunday 23rd April and it will run through to Pentecost. To accompany the sermons, small group material is available and, additionally, short videos introducing each of these sessions is available from the website: or by clicking on the image above.
(To access the resources section of the website, you will need to enter the password livingresources.)

Whatever it is you’re struggling with, Gill and her team would love to have you join them on the course.

To find out more about our Alpha course, call us for a chat on 01252 912761 or email:

or come along to the next Introduction evening, in Cafe 46 in September.

Alpha is a 10 week practical introduction to the Christian faith, using video presentations which lead into open discussion in small groups, where everyone is free to ask whatever questions are most important to them. Maybe you are asking yourself:

  1.   Is Christianity true?

  2.   Is it relevant to life in today’s world?

  3.   How can I choose to have faith?

  4.   Is there a plan for my future?

  5.   Who is this person Jesus?

  6.   Why does God allow suffering?

  7.   Does God heal?

  8.   Who is this Holy Spirit and what does He do?

  9.   What’s all this about praying and reading the Bible?

  10.   What about the Church?