A Priority

Homegroups are as important as Sunday worship.
At St Peter’s, Homegroups serve at the heart of the church. This means having a voice in the decision- making process and active participation in working out the church’s ministry and mission. Involvement in a Homegroup is connection with the heart of the Christian community at St Peter’s.

Distinctive Groups

St Peter’s is a large and diverse church, so it is appropriate that there is variety among the groups. A group consisting of younger adults in their twenties will have a different character to one made up of more senior ladies. That is to be encouraged.

However, all St Peter’s Homegroups share St Peter’s core values and the following is held in common:

  1. The Homegroup Leader is appointed and authorised as a leader at St Peter’s and is happy to be accountable in that role.

  2. The Homegroup seeks to be active within the church, supporting its vision and working to see it fulfilled.

  3. The life and routine of the Homegroup will include:

    1. 1-  Bible application

    2. 2-  Prayer

    3. 3-  Pastoral support

    4. 4-  Evangelistic outreach

    5. 5-  Social activity

    6. 6-  Practical support.

  4. The homegroup will model New Testament community life, where all believers take an active role as they explore Christian discipleship and faithfully share their lives and unique gifting.

There are 2 leaflets (available by clicking right) that tell you more about:

  1. 1.Our vision, values and strategy

  2. 2.Which homegroups we have operating; where and when they meet

For a list of suggested resources that are available to homegroups and their members, click on the panel below:

The Causeway Group, offers a place for adults with learning disability to learn about Jesus.

The group meets on the 2nd Tuesday of most months in the Oasis room from 7pm to 9pm.

For more information, please click on the logo to send a message to the leadership team.