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Church End

The Centre

Col 1:1-2, 15-20


1. Reconciled through Christ

Fruitfulness on the Frontline

Roger Howes

Jane Hughes

Ernie Ong

Col 3:12-17


2. Clothed in Christ

Col 3:16-4:1


3. Working for Christ

Col 1:3-8


4. Growing in Christ

Hilary Grey

Revd Andy Edmunds

Revd Rachel Hartland

Michael Head

Faith Bailey

Col 3:1-11


5. Moulding Culture

Ian Hayes

Peter Ridley

Ex 2:1-10


6. Fruitful Family: Mothering Sunday

Faith Bailey

Katie Urban

Col 1:9-14


7. Fruitful for Christ

Church End

The Centre

Eastertide Services

Luke 19:28-40


Palm Sunday:

Proclaimers of Christ

Faith Bailey

Michael Head

Peter Ridley

Walk to Emmaus

Luke 24:13-35


Stuart Bailey

Ernie Ong

Flesh and Bones

Luke 24:36-49


Col 2:6-23


Easter Sunday: Alive with Christ

Revd Andy Edmunds

Revd Andy Edmunds

Michael Head

Bags of Gold: The £10 Challenge

Matt 25:14-29


Revd Andy Edmunds

Revd Marion de Quidt

Roo Joyner

Setting God’s People Free: knowing our gifts

Acts 11:1-18 John 13:31-35