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Church End

The Centre

Hilary Grey

Trinity Sunday: From darkness to light

John 3:1-17

(27 May 2018)

Pursue God: God’s power with you

Joshua 1:1-9

(3 Jun 2018)

Faith Bailey

Revd Mike Griffiths

Michael Head

Revd Mike Griffiths

Joshua 3

(17 Jun 2018)

Moving forward

Suzie Bourne

Acts 9:32-43


Mark 5.21-43


Jesus heals

Peter heals

Faith Bailey

Steve King

Revd Mike Griffiths

Joshua 2

(10 Jun 2018)

God helps

Revd Mark Lewis

Acts 10:1-23


Receive, believe, become

Throw off your chains

Acts 12:1-19


Faith Bailey

Revd Rachel Hartland

Anna Drake

Sue Anderson

Mano Emmanuel


Summer Sermon Series

Church End

Revd Andy Edmunds


Gen 49:22-26



Ex 15:19–21


Michael Head