Welcome to St Peter’s Church

We are a worshipping community with a passion to build the kingdom of God, right here in our town.

We aim to be a welcoming, God-filled fellowship who are open-hearted & whole-hearted in our desire to offer the love of Jesus to the people around us.

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St Peter’s is the parish church of Yateley, Hampshire.

Andy Edmunds

Vicar of Yateley

Charity No: 1132035

To live out the values we hold, we seek to be:

Broken-hearted: A compassion and humility that seeks to create a better world.

Open-hearted: A positive and progressive attitude that welcomes others and embraces change as we pursue the opportunity in God’s Kingdom.

Wholehearted: A passionate and committed faith that pursues a Christian life-style.

Our strategic priorities are therefore:

To grow authentic disciples: To equip people as followers of Christ, fulfilling their God-given potential as they exercise their gifting and calling with servant hearts.

To re-imagine Church: To become more a community and less an organisation - a network of relationships expressing God’s irresistible grace to people of all ages, whilst intentionally seeking to reach the younger generations.

To be agents of social transformation: To increase our presence and influence in Yateley community, through the development of ‘Kingdom Enterprise’ - social enterprise with Godly values.

To belong together in Christ: To express our unity with the worldwide Church of God, sharing our resources and God-given ministry with those of a different culture, nationality and situation.